If you would like us to tailor a new home care and salon treatment program for you, please book a complimentary consultation with one of our therapists. Correct colour matching for makeup can also be applied during this consultation.

Approx 30 min

Dermaquest Power Facial

Intense long term benefits for all skin types, intense resurfacing that works through all the layers of the skin into the dermal layer to treat, de oxygenated skin, uneven pigmentation, signs of premature ageing and excessive dryness and dehydration. Using peptide and collagen activating technology treatment includes microhydrabrasion, specific peel, firming enzyme masque and Vitamins C infusion. Home care recommended – Post resurfacing kit

90 min ∼$145

Age Management Plus

Intense results for premature ageing, fine lines, sun damage, moisture loss. Treatment includes Alpha peptide, Glycolic or Mango brite peel, FIRMING ENZYME MASQue, Vitamin C masque, Ceramide massage including face, scalp, hand and arm. Peptide mobiliser and KQ10 firming cream. Recommended Home care – Dermaroller, Peptide Mobiliser, Skin Vitalight, SPF moisturiser OR Age Management Kit

75 min ∼ $110

Age Management Facial (without peel)

For clients wishing to treat the skin for premature ageing, fine lines, sun damage, moisture loss. Treatment includes firming enzyme masque, Vitamin C hydration masque, Ceramide massage, face, scalp hand and arm massage. Peptide mobiliser and KQ10 firming cream. Recommended home care - Age Management Kit

60 min ∼ $90

Acne Management Facial (with or without peel)

Powerful acne treatment suitable from teenage through to adult breakout and congestion. With using a combination of AHA/BHA and Salicylic acid bacteria colonies are reduced and blocked follicles are deeply cleaned to remove blackheads and congestion. Incorporates a pumpkin resurfacing peel. Recommended home care- BHA Cleanser, Anti-bac cleanser, Rejuvaderm, SPF moisturiser, clarifying wipes OR Dermaquest Acne management kit.

60 min ∼ $90

Therapeutic Care Facial

A facial treatment that soothes redness, capillaries, rosacea, excessive dryness, and chemically stripped skins. Peptides and vitamins are incorporated with natural plant extracts to help rebuild the acid mantle and restore hydration protection. Skin is left deeply cleansed and infused with moisture, reddened skin is soothed and protected with antioxidant therapy. Recommended home care – delicate skin cleanser, antioxidant soothing serum, delicate skin cream, SPF day care OR Balancing Kit.

60 min ∼ $90

Dermaquest Intro

A customised facial to treat current skin conditions, incorporates, deep cleansing, Ceramide massage, treatment masque, face and scalp massage.

45 min ∼ $70

Pumpkin Peel

Formulated with glycolic, lactic, salicylic and pumpkin pulp (Vitamin A), this peel works on cell turnover, epidermal and dermal hydration, decreases fine lines and wrinkles, prevents acne breakout and releases congestion, stimulates collagen production and healing in the dermal matrix. Recommended Home care - Dermaquest Acne Management Kit

Course of 6 peels 2 – 4 weeks apart. Book for 5 get the 6th peel free 30 min ∼ $55

Alpha Peptide Peel

Skin resurfacing with peptide delivery for age management. Stimulates collagen, elastin and GAGS production in the dermal matrix, lightens pigmentation and protects cells with antioxidant benefits. Recommended home care - Dermaquest Age Management Kit Course of 6 peels 2 – 4 weeks apart. Book for 5 get the 6th peel free

30 min ∼ $65

Glycolic Peel With Stem Cells

30% glycolic peel with the added benefits of plants stem cells to aid in tissue repair and inflammation reduction, making this a peel with a powerful result but with minimum discomfort. Recommended home care – Dermaquest post peel Resurfacing Kit. Course of 6 peels 2 - 4 weeks apart. Book for 5 get the 6th peel free

30 min ∼ $65

Mangobrite Peel

Mango pulp combined with 30% lactic acid is used to revitalise dull dehydrated and congested skin types. A course of 6 treatments fortnightly apart is recommended and can be repeated twice a year. Book for 5 receive the 6th peel free

30 min ∼ $65

Micro – Hydrabrasion

State of the art technology micro-hydrabrasion not only deeply exfoliates the skin but incorporates the added benefits of water to deep clean pores and lift congestion and blackheads. Perfect for anyone that needs an intense clean out or to resurface the skin. Can be used as a stand alone treatment or incorporated into the Power Facial for maximum effect. Not suitable for fragile capillary prone skin.

45 min ∼ $95 60 min with Peel ∼ $120 90 min with Peel & Dbl Mask (Power Facial) ∼ $145

Collagen Induction Therapy

Also known as skin needling, treats all skin imperfections from lines, furrows, smokers lines, acne scarring and pigmentation. Rebuilds collagen within the skin by 30% in one treatment effectively plumping the skin from the inside. The skin is stimulated to produce its own collagen so there are no side effects from this. It is recommended in replacement of Botox, and filler injections.

A course of 3 treatments 8 weeks apart is done to achieve maximum results. Used in conjunction with your prescribed home care, amazing results are seen which can last a minimum of 12 months depending on lifestyle with a top of treatment recommended once per year. Please book in for a consultation to find out more. Treatment includes micro-dermabrasion, skin needling and hylauronic silk masque.

Treatment time approx 2 hrs Cost ∼ $300

Subsequent treatments required 8 weeks apart with a recommendation of 3 treatments to achieve best results. This treatment is carried out using the latest German engineered machine the E-Dermastamp latest edition to the skin needling market. Visit for more information.