Massage Therapy

Chai Herbal Massage

Dried herbs of cinnamon, clove, star anise and orange rind are wrapped in a muslin poultice steamed and then steeped in warm oil to release the herbal aromas. Combined with swedish massage, the warmed balls are then pressed and rolled over the body to release muscular tension.

75 min ∼ $115

Zen Meditation

The rolls royce of facial and body bliss. this experience will leave you in absolute heaven. treatment starts with an aromatherapy foot bath, then a full body massage with deluxe body creme, hot stone placement, a customised facial with red wine or milk and honey face masque.

120 min ∼ $160

Hot Basalt Stone Massage

Basalt stones are heated and used to ease muscular tension with light and deep massage techniques. Stone chakra placement releases stress and tension. Highly recommended for people who need deep muscular relief and need to zone out.

45 min Back, neck, shoulders ∼ $75 75 min Back, neck, shoulders, scalp, thighs, calves and feet ∼ $105 120 min will incorporate the entire body, including a facial treatment mask ∼ $160

Warm Bamboo Massage

Specially designed Byron Bay bamboo is used to roll out muscles of the body in kneading and acupressure techniques. A deep relaxing style that incorporates a face and scalp massage.

75 min ∼ $95

Loft Signature

This signature massage incorporates a mixture of our most popular elements of bodywork. Treatment begins with an aromatherapy foot bath and scrub and moves on to the entire body where a synergy of essential oils, hot stones, warm bamboo and Swedish massage tie this body treatment together.

90 min ∼ $120

Cocoa & Shea Hot Stone Wrap

A deeply relaxing and hydrating full body treatment. Dry body brushing is followed by warmed cocoa and shea butter being massaged into the body then infused with the warmth of hot stone placement.

75 min ∼ $110

Swedish Aromatherapy Massage

Warmed essential oils are poured onto the body and massaged in with deep or light bodywork. Muscular aches and tension are worked out while the scent of aromatherapy engulfs the senses and drifts you away.

45 min ∼ $55 75 min ∼ $85

Pregnancy Massage

This soothing technique is for those who are pregnant and after their 1st trimester, rhythmical strokes leaving your mind at peace and your body at ease.

45 min ∼ $55 75 min ∼ $85